Taming The Intrusive Mac Dock

The Mac Dock is the gossipy busybody of the OSX neighborhood. Anyone who has ever had their mouse cursor stray too close to the bottom of the screen, knows the Dock well. Some say to accept the Dock for what it is, while others advise to just keep your cursor from trespassing onto its land. I have another suggestion: slap it with a restraining order and take control of the Dock.

Fountainhead Version 1 Released

The first official release of Fountainhead has been focused on providing a great screenwriting environment to extract what is in one’s head onto the page. I have tried my best to only include the features that will help with this goal, and to resist adding something just because I think it’d be neat. I also realize that many people work differently than me, so I’ve tried my best to keep Fountainhead’s settings easily customizable.

When you assume, you make an ASCII out of UTF-8 and me

Recently, a user of Fountainhead let me know that writing accented letters broke syntax highlighting and autocompletions. This surprised me for two reasons: I’ve managed localization departments in the past so I should have remembered that there are more letters in heaven and earth than 26, and Python 3 (which Sublime Text 3 packages use) defaults to encoding strings in UTF-8.

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Introducing Fountainhead

Fountainhead is a contextual screenwriting environment that leverages the speed of Sublime Text and the readability of Fountain, enabling the user to just write.